A major part of the expo is a model competition. Anyone is welcome to enter the competition – you do not need to be a member of a model club to participate.

If you wish to pre-enter, simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page. Otherwise you can print off Expo entry forms and bring them along one on the day. Entry is $2 per model, however if you are entering a model you do not need to pay the Expo admission fee. There is also no limit to the amount of models you may enter.

The competition covers a wide variety of categories – these are listed below:

Aircraft – Propeller-driven – Large Scale (1:32 and larger)
Aircraft – Propeller-driven – Medium Scale (1:48 and similar – i.e. smaller than 1:32, larger than 1:72)
Aircraft – Propeller-driven – Small Scale (1:72 and smaller)
Aircraft – Jet-powered – Large Scale (1:32 and larger)
Aircraft – Jet-powered – Medium Scale (1:48 and similar – i.e. smaller than 1:32, larger than 1:72)
Aircraft – Jet-powered – Small Scale (1:72 and smaller)
Airliners and Civil Aircraft – All scales
Helicopters – All scales
Military Vehicles
Military Vehicles – Large Scale – pre 1946 (1:35 and larger)
Military Vehicles – Large Scale – post 1946 (1:35 and larger)
Military Vehicles – Small Scale (Smaller than 1:35)
Civilian Vehicles
Civilian Vehicles – Street & Custom – Large Scale (1:18 and larger)
Civilian Vehicles – Street & Custom – Small Scale (1:20 and smaller)
Civilian Vehicles – Competition – Large Scale (1:18 and larger)
Civilian Vehicles – Competition – Small Scale (1:20 and smaller)
Bikes – Large Scale (1:18 and larger)
Bikes – Small Scale (1:20 and smaller)
Trucks – All scales
Other Categories
Ships – All scales
Figures – All scales
Vignettes – All Scales
Dioramas – All scales
Sci-Fi and Space vehicles – All scales
Junior – All scales (for entrants under 18)
Theme Category – ANZAC
Anything in Australian or New Zealand military service – any era. All scales

A quick note on competition categories: –

  • “Military” – is defined as the armed or paramilitary forces of any country or faction
  • “Propeller-driven” includes turboprop-powered aircraft
  • Civilian Vehicles – Street & Custom – is defined as any car which is primarily intended to be driven on public roads, or displayed at car shows (the latter is intended for custom cars – e.g. Auto Salon type events)
  • Civilian Vehicles – Competition – is defined as any car which is primarily intended to be driven in competitive races of any kind (for example Formula 1 cars, Drag cars, Rally cars, etc.)
  • Bikes – includes all motorcycles, trikes and quads, whether used on public roads or in competitions of any kind
  • Trucks includes bulldozers, backhoes and other civilian heavy road-going or off-road equipment
  • Figures – a single person or bust. A figure may be mounted on a small base, though only the figure itself will be judged
  • Vignette – a scene with up to 5 figures on a base with scenery that can include a small portion of a building – for example a building doorway, a section of trench, etc.
  • Diorama – a scene with 1 or more vehicles or complete buildings and any number of figures on a base with scenery

If you are in doubt as to which category you should enter – please ask at the entry desk.

Entry Fees

Entry fee to the competition is $2 per entry. There is no limit to how many models you may enter.
If you are entering models in the competition, entry to the Expo is free.

Competition Rules

  • All competition models must be entered before close of business on the Saturday of the Expo
  • There is no limit to how many models may be entered by any person
  • Models which have received a placing (1st, 2nd, 3rd) in previous Sydney Scale Model Expos are ineligible to enter again
  • All models must be the sole work of the competitor
  • References are not required. It is recommended that no material be left with the model during the competition
  • Models may be placed on a base, however – except for “Diorama” and Vignette” categories – the base will not be judged along with the entry
  • The Judge’s decision is final and neither the judges nor the Expo Committee will enter into any discussions about the results.


Pre-entry to the competition will be available soon. Fill in the form below to pre-enter your model/s, then simply pay your entry fees on the day. 

Expo Competition Pre-entry form

Brand of the kit - e.g. Airfix, Tamiya, etc.
Please note the category as defined on the Competition website page
Information on additional detail you added, modifications you made to the basic kit, special handling instructions etc.
If you're part of a model club, you can note it here. This is not required.

By submitting this form, I declare that I have read and understood all competition rules and conditions of entry and agree to abide by them.

PLEASE NOTE: Your model may be handled by the judges during judging. While all care is taken with your entry, the Expo Committee accepts no responsibility for damage caused to your model. If your model is sitting on, but not attached to, a base, or has loose parts, it is strongly recommended that you note this on the entry form